Services Overview

Alba Strategy can help you navigate our ever-changing digital world in a number of different areas, including digital strategy, digital transformation consulting, website/eCommerce development, media planning and execution, social strategy, and digital ecosystem development. See below for more information on each of these topics.


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the identification of channels or methods you can use to get your message through, based on a desired target audience. For example, improving organic search, adjusting paid advertising campaigns, the proper use of social media, implementing responsive design on your Web site, or the development of small to large scale online applications. Alba Strategy has a wide range of experiences that can help a company determine which channel(s) and messaging will be most effective.



Digital TransFormation

One of the most difficult tasks that an organization can face is transforming its business systems, people and organizational processes from a legacy framework to a newer modern framework. Change management is critical in order to fully and successfully leverage the opportunities that a mix of digital technologies can provide. Alba Strategy has helped numerous companies both large and small to prioritize and manage the kind of change that can be expected when migrating to a modern digital framework.



Website/eCommerce Development

Whether your company is building a Web site from scratch, updating an existing site with new content, or needing a responsive user experience, Alba Strategy can help define scope and work with some of the best copywriters, designers and developers to get the job done. We specialize in eCommerce Web applications that easily allow you to sell your company's products and services in addition to providing valuable and actionable analytics to help you to keep improving the customer experience and increasing conversions.



Media Planning and Execution

No matter what channel(s) and audiences you have identified in order to get your message out, Alba Strategy can help you plan and execute the campaign. We can help your company determine the best combination of media to achieve campaign objectives, and help you to deploy the message. We can also provide metrics that will help you to determine the success of your campaign, and help make the necessary adjustments for continual improvement.



Social Strategy

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you solidify your brand, product or service. LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and so many other social platforms are widely used and highly competitive, which can make it difficult for your company's message to stand out. Alba Strategy can help you define a clear plan of action that takes into account the objectives and goals that you are trying to achieve, who your audience is and what your competition is doing.



Digital Ecosystem Development

A digital ecosystem is comprised of different channels that an organization uses to distribute content to its audience, along with the connections between them. It is important to understand that each channel can serve a unique purpose in the system while still contributing to a company's overall mission. Alba Strategy has helped companies to define connections between the different channels as well as understand how those channels interact with each other. For example, how does your company's AdWords campaign compliment your LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns, as well as your new TV commercial? Alba Strategy can help you understand and manage the individual pieces of your digital framework as well as the sum of its parts.